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Monette Larsen, Tracy Nicholls, Ros Perton and Megan Rowden are 13 Mile Studio.

13 Mile Studio is a collective of four highly regarded contemporary artists, living and working within 13 miles of each other in South West London. Their individual work, in ceramics and glass is contemporary and original and they find themselves navigating a changing art world where glass and ceramic now sit alongside more traditional sculptural media. The 13 Mile Studio artists share aims and ambitions to elevate the perception of their practice and to engage with a wider audience. By promoting themselves as a collective, they seek to strengthen the impact of their work, and to feed off the positive aspects of a collaborative group dynamic.


Tracy has been selected to show at the Etienne Gallery in the Netherlands as part of a CGS show.

In February Tracy will be exhibiting at Collect 17 with Bruntnell-Astley at the Saatchi Gallery, London


Tracy has had three pieces selected for the exciting CGS exhibition 'Black to White and Back Again' to be held from September 16th - October 8th at The Gallery at London Glassblowing.

From May Tracy will be Artist in Residence at Richmond School of Art at RACC.


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